Container SERvice

Container Service is provided to prevent goods from getting destructed due to adverse climatic or environmental conditions. Containers are made of top-quality iron and come with a lock and key facility, which provides excellent protection to your precious goods. It is specially designed for long-distance shifting.

How Does It Work?

To book an appointment, contact us on our website or official contact number.

Once the booking is placed, we converse and finalize the price with the customer.

The customer selects an appropriate date to enable container service.

Once the booking is confirmed, our team visits the address of the customer with proper materials and tools.


1) Packing

Packing is done with the utmost care in good quality carton boxes, carton sealing tapes, cargo sheets, thermocol sheets, thermocol boxes, thermocol products, thermocol blocks, packaging tapes, brown tapes, carton sealing tapes, printed tapes, shrink wrap, food wrap, plastic covering sheets, bubble bags, foam sheets, bubble roll, bubble pouches, brown packing paper, corrugated sheets, plastic packing films, etc. Our skilled and trained staff will pack all your goods one by one, they repeatedly check the items to make sure all the things are well packed.

2) Safeguard!

Once carton packaging is done, we pack the cartons into the iron containers with a proper lock and key facility.

3) Marking

One of the important steps in our moving service is Marking. We properly mark the top, bottom, front, back, and side views of the items which helps in the proper unpacking of the items.

4) Safe Loading

Safe loading is done by upskill staff under restricted supervision, providing super safety to your goods, ensuring no item has been missed out.

Dispatch of trucks depends on –

Part trainer Moving Service

Part trainer Moving Service refers to the partially loaded truck. The truck gets dispatched, once we have confirmation of similar trucks to be delivered at the same place. Till then the truck will not be dispatched.

Time range of delivery – Within 7 to 10 days or more from the date of dispatch.

Full Loaded Moving Service

Full Loaded Moving Service refers to the fully loaded truck. The truck gets dispatched instantly.

Time range of delivery – Exact 7 to 10 days from the date of dispatch.

Categories of Delivery:

Special Delivery: We provide a warehousing facility, this helps when the receiver is not present or won’t be present for the day(s) during delivery. With the permission of the customer, we keep the goods in our warehouse (any state) fully secured. We deliver the goods, on the arrival confirmation of the customer.

Normal Delivery: In a normal delivery, we reach the destination, inform the customer and get the goods delivered.

5) Safe Unloading

We unload every single container, providing super safety to your goods.